Permanent Makeup
Los Angeles

Step into the world of Permanent Makeup with Kim O’Kelly Brows, where every stroke is a testament to passion and artistry. Nestled in the heart of Burbank, KOB Studio is not just a studio—it’s a transformative journey to enhance your inner beauty and simplify your life. ​

Serving the vibrant communities of Los Angeles, from the iconic streets of Beverly Hills to the bustling avenues of Hollywood, Kim’s award-winning touch has left many with bombshell brows. ​

Every procedure, from microblading, powder brows, or lip blushing, is a blend of meticulous precision, profound experience, and a deep understanding of individual desires. With Kim, you’re not just a client, you are a cherished individual and deserve the best.

Embrace Kim’s heartfelt motto, “Changing the world, one brow at a time,” and let her passion become the bridge to your enhanced self.

Permanent Makeup

At Kim O’Kelly Brows, Kim doesn’t just offer services, she crafts experiences to elevate your inner beauty. Every treatment is personalized and tailored to your natural features and skin tone. Ensuring results look natural and feel authentically you.

Guided by innovation and unwavering commitment to continuous learning, Kim remains at the forefront of the industry, ensuring you receive nothing but the pinnacle of permanent cosmetic



Microblading is more than a procedure, it’s a celebration of each individual hair stroke. Breathing new life into uneven, thinning, or spare eyebrows.

Revel in the allure of naturally lush brows. With natural results lasting up to 2 years.


Powder Brows

Imagine the allure of makeup, without the daily ritual. Powder brows deliver a powdery finish, creating a fuller and more captivating brow.

Powder brows deliver structure and elegance, minus the daily effort.


Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a whisper of perfection.

Gently enhancing what is beautiful. Lip blushing is about accentuating your lip’s natural hue and form, freeing you from liners and lipsticks. You’ll be gifted with a perpetually fresh and youthful pout.


Permanent Eyeliner

Create a gaze that speaks volumes.

Bid farewell to smudges and uneven lines. Permanent eyeliner is your ally to ensure your eyes captivate and communicate your intention. Your eyeliner will remain flawless, come rain or shine.


Freckle Tattoos

Embrace the sun-kissed whimsy year round.

Freckle tattoos are your ticket to a playful, sun-kissed aura, minus the sun’s embrace. These delightful cosmetic additions will complement your skin and sprinkle of joy to your visage. Lasts 6 months to 1 year.


Tattoo Removal

Canvas. Reimagined.

Kim understands the need for a fresh start. Whether it’s reimagining your old permanent makeup or erasing past mistakes. KOB uses advanced techniques to ensure a safe and effective return to your canvas’s pristine state.


PMU Artist

About Kim O'Kelly

Kim O’Kelly Brows, every eyebrow is a masterpiece, sculpted to accentuate your unique beauty.

Combining her knowledge in organic skincare with the art of cosmetic tattooing, Kim crafts brows tailored to your skin, framing your eyes with passion and precision.

Experience vegan-certified excellence with Kim.

Permanent Makeup
Near Me

Are you searching for “permanent makeup near me?” Look no further.

KOB Studio is conveniently located in Burbank, California, and proudly serves the greater Los Angeles area, including Ventura, and Orange counties.

Our location is within easy reach, making it convenient for you to experience the transformative power of permanent makeup.