Permanent Makeup Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is more than just erasing ink, it’s a transformative journey back to your skin’s natural state. Whether it’s a past decision you’ve evolved from or a procedure in permanent makeup that didn’t quite hit the mark, Kim at KOB has the expertise to guide you.

With years of experience, state-of-the-art techniques, and profound understanding of the skin, Kim’s service is a harmonious blend of precision, care, nurturing and cutting-edge technology, and ensuring you get the best tattoo removal in the Los Angeles area.

Tattoo Removal Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of reinvention, and KOB’s tattoo removal services mirror that spirit.

Whether it’s an old tattoo or a recent permanent makeup procedure, our Los Angeles tattoo removal studio stands as a beacon of hope and transformation.

Using state-of-the-art techniques, we ensure effective and safe removal, giving you the freedom to rewrite your skin’s story. From Beverly Hills to Sherman Oaks, we’re recognized as the best tattoo removal service, a testament to our dedication and expertise.


Saline Tattoo Removal

When you think of tattoo removal, it usually involves painful laser treatments over multiple appointments. Laser removal is not recommended for sensitive and easily scarred skin.

Saline tattoo removal is a gentle yet effective method, particularly for sensitive areas like the eyebrows and lips.

Instead of lasers, a saline solution is used to lift the pigment from the skin. This method is revered for its precision and minimal risk of scarring. Kim prefers this method for eyebrow tattoo removal and lip tattoo removal.

Saline tattoo removal is a safe, natural, and chemical-free method of removing tattoos using a hypertonic saline solution and traditional tattooing equipment. The hypertonic solution contains a higher amount of salt than the body contains and therefore, enacts the process of Osmosis which starts to move the pigment upward to the outer surface of the skin, then removed by the skin’s natural healing process. This procedure is effective on all types of tattoos, regardless of age, color, or location. May require multiple sessions to lighten/remove.

Tattoo Removal Process

The tattoo removal process starts with an in-depth consultation with Kim to understand your needs.

Once selected, the area of focus is numbed for your comfort. With saline tattoo removal, the ink is lifted to the surface layer of the skin and shed over time.

Over subsequent sessions, the tattoo will continue to fade and give way to clear skin. Aftercare is crucial to ensure healing and prevent any complications.

Tattoo Removal
Before and After

Our gallery showcases the transformative power of tattoo removal. Witness the journey from inked to clear skin, a testament to our expertise and the effectiveness of our methods. Let these visuals inspire confidence in our services and the promise of a fresh start.

Tattoo Removal

The journey back to unblemished skin is an invaluable investment in yourself.

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Tattoo Removal

Embarking on the tattoo removal journey?

Kim is here with answers.

Dive into our FAQs, where passion meets expertise, addressing all your queries about this transformative procedure.

What Removal Method Do You Use?

We offer saline tattoo removal methods, tailored to your specific needs and preferences of our clients.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Tattoo removal works by targeting the tattoo pigment. Saline solutions lift it out, allowing the body to eliminate it over time naturally.

How Many Sessions Will It Take to Remove or Lighten My PMU?

The number of sessions varies based on the tattoo’s size, color, and age. On average, it takes 3-10 sessions for complete removal.

What Will I Look Like After My Tattoo Removal Session?

The treated area may appear red and swollen, similar to a sunburn. This subsides within a few days.

I Just Had My Brows Done by Another Artist and I Don’t Like Them. Can You Remove Them?

Absolutely. We specialize in eyebrow tattoo removal and can help correct or remove unwanted permanent makeup.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

There’s minimal discomfort, akin to a rubber band snap. We use numbing agents to ensure a comfortable experience.

Does Tattoo Removal Leave Scars?

With proper aftercare and technique, scarring is rare. Our methods prioritize skin safety.

Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Aftercare is crucial. Keep the area clean, avoid direct sunlight, and refrain from picking or scratching. Detailed instructions will be provided post-procedure.

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